Do You Hear My Voice NOW?
"What kind of men protect a child sexual abuser?"
Are these men ...
"... Fearful of simple questions?"
"Why do pastors protect men who are confessed sexual abusers of children?"
Caleb and Dale, as pastors, why do you gossip behind people's backs, call it pastoral consideration and seek to silence those who seek to reveal truth, protecting a man who confessed to being a sexual abuser of young children? Is this why you hope that your silence will silence others? Why as pastors, do you not listen to the voices of those you have hurt? Do You Hear My Voice NOW?

Pastor Caleb Counterman

Duane Ehrler

Pastor Dale Williams

Faith Baptist Church Morris IL

111 E Illinois Ave, Morris, IL 60450
Phone: (815) 942-0336
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Attends Faith Baptist Church of Morris IL

860 West Jackson Street
Morris, IL 60450
Phone: 815-258-5245
Employed for most of his life
Narvick Bros. Lumber & ACE Hardware
(815) 942-1173
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Emmanuel Baptist Church
Warrenville IL

3S465 Briggs St, Naperville, IL 60563
Phone: (630) 393-2565
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Should others in the community be aware of risks?

If you are someone who truly cares about stopping sexual abuse and the abuse of authority in keeping silent and silencing others share this link with everyone you know.  DO NOT allow men to silence girls, women and those who speak on their behalf.