Do You Hear My Voice NOW?
"What's Going On In GARBC Chruches?"
Are GARBC Pastors / Churches ...
"... Fearful of simple questions?"
"... Are they fearful of even having a conversation?"
"... Are they hiding something?"
Do you find it interesting that men in spiritual leadership, men who are supposed to be spiritual and Godly and leading families, women and children and how when asked hard questions ... they just freeze up?   It's like the go quiet, dark, silent and hope that things "Just go away?"  

Do "like minded men / pastors" tend to gather at the GARBC?  

Do people who attend GARBC churches realize that danger they are in? 

Why Is The GARBC Fearful Of The Truth?

It's interesting ... isn't it ... where "powerful" men go silent and hope what they have done to girls, boys, women and families just go away.

Does the GARBC culture, function like a cult?

Do pastors in the GARBC seek to get deacons and other leaders to do their dirty work and function as wolves in sheep clothing?  Do GARBC pastors seek to be over rulers of people and seek to not answer question them ... seeking to push the strong ones out of the church so they can control the weak as cult leaders do? 

Does a GARBC pastor seek to present himself as being nice, open to ideas, willing to be honest ... but behind closed doors is the GARBC pastor something very different?  

If you are part of the GARBC share this with everyone you know.  If you have had a bad experience in the GARBC of sexual abuse or otherwise, lording of authority, slander ... disguised as prayer for you or "pastoral consideration" email ...

Trust us ... you are not alone and if you remain silent then GARBC pastors will continue to abuse in large and small ways.

Should others in the community & GARBC churches be aware of the risks?

From:  Bernie Augsburger <>
Feb 26, 2020, 4:30 PM

Hi Mark,

I read the post you sent and feel terrible for your wife as well as other women who go through similar situations.  Over the years I have had to deal with this issue and have always felt grateful that our ministry was never attacked and hurt by this sort of terrible.

I don't think I need to talk with you about it. I understand your dilemma.

I called Caleb and offered my help. He said this surfaced last summer and that he would call me if he needed advice or help.  Thanks for the heads up on this matter. As IL-MO Representative, I have no actual authority to get involved in a church matter like this.

But, I can offer advice if he asks for help.

Bernie Augsburger

"Over the years I have had to deal with this issue and have always felt grateful that our ministry was never attacked and hurt by this sort of terrible."

Well Bernie ... not to be harsh on you or other GARBC pastors, but maybe buddy, you "haven't you haven't  been attacked / hurt" because you refuse to protect or even address issues of sexual abuse by your own pastors and/or men in the congregation without their request? 

"As IL-MO Representative, I have no actual authority to get involved in a church matter like this.  But, I can offer advice if he asks for help."

So ... 

The GARBC's position is that ... "A pastor, who is covering up, and potentially is participating in child sexual abuse, the only way the GARBC can get involved is to have that pastor ... potential sexual abuser and/or protector of a sexual abuser invite the GARBC to get involved?

WOW ... that's some messed up stuff!

What's even more messed up is that when calls were placed to the President of the GARBC, there was no return phone call?  No sir ... not even one.  

So ... Will GARBC pastors who read this ... do anything?

No sir!  Of EVERY GARBC pastor who has read this, not one and we mean, not one single pastor has ever connected with us about this!

John Greening, past president of the GARBC once shared with someone ... "You know _______, we don't keep people like you in the GARBC."   When asked why his words ... are both condemning and prophetic.  John said ... "Men like you have vision and the GARBC lacks vision."  

Without a vision the people parish ... and not only those in the congregation but pastors either degenerate to sexually abusing young girls and boys and/or protecting those who do.  If they don't personally degenerate to that level, they protect or ignore those who do.  

The are grown men who are fearful ... and weak ... and seek peace at all costs ... even the costs of young girls and boys very lives.   

Let's see ... just to be fair to GARBC pastors, no pastor from any denomination has ever followed up with us and ask us for tips on how to prevent this type of thing.  If you are a pastor and you are as delusional as Bernie, well let's say that it's only a matter of time before your sins will come out. 

Let's Put A Stop To This Today!

Pastor Caleb Counterman

Pastor Dale Williams

Duane Ehrler

Faith Baptist Church Morris IL

Emmanuel Baptist Church
Warrenville IL

Attends Faith Baptist Church of Morris IL

Probably won't be able to email these guys to ask them "what's up" but give them a call.

Mike Augsburger

Jon Jenks

Brian Cederquist

Tom Alexander, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Wellington, Ohio
Email Tom

Mike Augsburger, Pastor
Soteria Des Moines: A Baptist Church
West Des Moines, Iowa
Email Mike

David Burman Jr., Pastor
First Baptist Church
Elyria, Ohio
Email David

Luke Scallon, Pastor
Grace Baptist Church
Laurel, Maryland
Email Luke

Brian Cederquist, Pastor
Good News Baptist Church
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Email Brian

Bruce McLain, State Representative
California Association of Regular Baptist Churches
Email Bruce

Ken Floyd, Executive Director
Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Email Ken

Dave Fox, Pastor
Grace Church
Springfield, Illinois
Email Dave

Jon Jenks, President
Baptist Church Planters
Grafton, Ohio
Email Jon

James Kester, Pastor
Sahuaro Baptist Church
Tucson, Arizona
Email James

David King, Pastor
CrossPoint Fellowship Church
Jasper, Indiana
Email David

Greg Linscott, Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church
Rochester, Minnesota
Email Greg

Tim Moore, Pastor
Faith Baptist Church
Mason City, Iowa
Email Tim

Chuck Pausley, State Representative
Ohio Association of Regular Baptist Churches
Seville, Ohio
Email Chuck

Jeremy Penrod, Pastor
Temple Baptist Church
Lincoln, Nebraska
Email Jeremy

Ross Shannon, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Lapeer, Michigan
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Ken Spink, Pastor
Berea Baptist Church
Berea, Ohio
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Stan Lightfoot III, Pastor
Rustic Hills Baptist Church
Colorado Springs, CO
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